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Model Sessions

Are you a working model or aspiring to be one? We would love to work with you! We offer model sessions that will help you bring your portfolio to the next level. Don't let a lack of professional portraits ruin your chances of living your dream.

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Studio & Environmental

Business Portraits

A professional business portrait can make a huge difference when it comes to making a first impression. Whether you have a corporate job, a modeling job, a realtor position or are a business owner, professional portraits can help you advance in your current field or a whole new one.


Conference Business Portraits

What could be better at a job fair, networking event, convention or conference then professional business portraits, offered right on site? Having this option as part of your convention or conference could help you bring in attendees. Professional portraits are a key component to any business persons career.

We would love to talk to you about collaborating.

Comp Cards

Whether you're a working model or an aspiring one, an actor or an actress, comp cards can help you promote yourself. They are a great way to market your look and show some versatility. Comp card is short for composite card, which is used by actors and models for commercial print auditions and self-promotion. The size we prefer is 6”x 9”, with a portrait on the front and 3-5 images on the back. The purpose is to show as much variety as possible, so the casting director can envision you for different projects.

A comp card is an important resource in addition to a business portrait. It allows you to introduce yourself to industry professionals in a much more diverse way than with one portrait alone. If you’re looking for a commercial agent, submitting a comp card will give you a much better chance of meeting them, because you’re showing them a variety of looks. They’ll see you as significantly more likely to book a job, be it print or on camera. If you already have a commercial agent, a comp card will allow them to submit you for print work as well as on camera. It could open up new avenues for you.

Comp cards are NOT just for models- every actor should have one as well. Generally, a model’s comp card is editorial (like a spread in Vogue Magazine), while an actor’s comp card is lifestyle (talking on a cell phone or hailing a cab). Fashion work is reserved for models, but there’s a ton of print work for actors. Advertisers are always looking for attractive, everyday people to sell their products.

We can design a comp card that is uniquely you and that shows your best work. Schedule your portrait session with us today.

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