Frequently Asked Questions

I want to get into modeling. How can I build my portfolio?

We can totally help you! We can set up a portrait session with you and do images in different outfits, at different locations and showing varying emotions, attitudes and features. Remember, you should have a comprehensive portfolio that shows your range, but is also consistent and professional. 

How much do you charge for model photos?

Our sessions start at $175 +tax. There is no limit on the amount of outfits or locations, as long as it fits into the time frame you paid for. These sessions do not include prints or digital files. 

Should I get digital or printed images?

These days, most places want digital files. However, you should definitely have a few printed images so that if you need them, you have them. It never hurts to be prepared. 

How can I practice modeling?

Honestly, there is a lot to learn in the modeling world. You should practice your angles and posing, know at least a little bit about lighting, know which side is your best, what type of modeling you really want to do, what kind of jobs you want to get and what kind of images you need in your portfolio to get those jobs. 

Want more information about modeling? 

We sat down and interviewed some models here in Tampa. We talked with them about their experiences, the trials and tribulations of the industry and other information we think would be valuable to people. Check it out below. 

Interview with Sabi

We spent some time with Sabi, an up and coming model here in Tampa. We have worked with her a few times and she is always open to ideas and enthusiastic. 

Interview with Lancaster

We talked with Lancaster to get his point of view on modeling from a male perspective. He is a model and also a stylist, so if you need either of those things, check him out!

Interview with Amber, creator of Loudmouth Lip Attire

We did an interview with Amber, creator and owner of Loudmouth Lip Attire in Tampa. We talked about owning a business, tips for starting a business and what Loudmouth is all about. If you want to start a business or love lipstick, check this out!

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